Tuesday, May 1, 2012

tuesday thank yous

  1. Superpoints. It may seem silly but I love pressing the SuperLucky Button and winning points that can be used for Amazon purchases. I have gotten a lot of DVD series for free using this system!
  2. Lexxus. Our dog makes me smile when I am sad and her cuddles lift my spirit. Truly a man's (or woman's) best friend. 
  3. Instagram. It's my new obsession. I love seeing how people express the little parts of their days in photos. My only dislike is when I follow someone on Instagram and I also follow their blog and they post their Instagram photos on their blog. I know, I know ... silly but there is a method to my madness - you are not supposed to post the same pieces of information across social media platforms so that lesson applies here. Just saying :)
  4. My husband. He took my car through Air Care the other day. That screams love to me. Thank you babe!
  5. My friends. So many good things have been coming my way these days from my friends. I can't be grateful enough for my close girlfriends. Thank you ladies. Love you all!

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