Tuesday, May 29, 2012

last night

I skipped my Monday morning shower yesterday morning in favor of 10 extra minutes lying in bed listening to the rain fall. An excellent choice to start my day :)

My lunch break was spent doing some running around (library, Wal-Mart, etc.) and then I took a few minutes to just sit and enjoy the quiet.

I had a horrible last hour at work so when I got home from work I was still fuming so I went for a brisk walk before the rain started. The weather has been so weird - it got so sunny and hot while I was walking but then the black clouds were back as quickly as they went away.

After dinner I cleaned up and then we watched 'Moneyball' with Brad Pitt. It was slow at parts but I don't know what it is - there is just something that is always good about a baseball movie. 

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