Thursday, February 9, 2012

today i am 33

So Happy Birthday to Me! Today is my 33rd birthday and I think I am one of the last human beings on earth who LOVE celebrating birthdays. I love everything about birthdays and my new thought on them is that I am celebrating another year of life and my wedding anniversary is another year of survival :) It also pays to grow another year older. This morning I enjoyed a FREE Starbucks beverage. Tonight I will enjoy a FREE dinner at Denny's. I will pick up my FREE gift from Sephora this weekend and I am hoping that I was in time to sign up for my $25 gift certificate from the Boathouse for my birthday dinner on Saturday  night. Seriously - what isn't good about your birthday??! Feeling so much love today - and feeling so happy and blessed that I feel better today to enjoy it!

Now - the only down side to today is that I am off to renew my license - wish me luck :)

P.S. - Saving a piece of cake for you today Dad. xoxo

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