Tuesday, February 21, 2012

recent movies and yes, i am a nerd

Last night Chad and I finished watching "Larry Crowne" with Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks. Without Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks I think this would have been the most boring movie on the planet but their on-screen chemistry kept me awake. Haven't seen a really great movie in a long time it seems.

Chad went to bed early because he wasn't keen on my next library rental ... "Black Swan". I wasn't sure what to expect either but I actually kind of enjoyed the artistic thriller and thought that Natalie Portman (who I normally can't stand) did a wonderful job playing a self-obsessed, perfection seeking, multiple personality ballet star. Not great but interesting enough.

 This made me laugh - literally - out loud. Had to share :)

And I found this little lovely on Pinterest and it is SO me. Sorry I don't know who this belongs to but thank you for pinning it - too adorable!

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