Wednesday, February 15, 2012

random thoughts

I had a nice HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY post up yesterday but sadly, I was threatened with a virus so had to delete some things. Better safe than sorry! We didn't get up to much last night given it was a Tuesday so we ordered pizza, shared a bottle of wine and watched some "Glee". It was actually a really nice evening but the best part of yesterday was the electronic flowers I received in my in-box from my father-in-law. Made me smile and happy the whole day through!

I have been listening to this audiobook to and from work for the last week and I am really surprised at how bored I am with this one. I usually love Ms. Wickham's novels and was delighted when I saw this one at the library but I just can't get in to it for some reason - maybe it would have been a better choice to read rather than listen.

I just finished this book which was the first one I read on my Kobo! Loved the thriller story line but I found myself skimming through some parts that just didn't really seem to add anything. I think this one would be an amazing movie and I don't usually say that because 9 times out of 10 the book is always better. Think "Twilight" :)

I saw this in the theatre but wanted to watch it with Chad to see if he enjoyed it as much as I did. He didn't. Just proves that a chick flick is called that for a reason. :)

P.S. Yesterday was my parent's 20th wedding anniverary AND my mother and father-in-laws' 41st (I think) wedding anniversary. Such a day of inspirational love. I am honoured to be surrounded by such long lasting love and my parents are a true illustration of how being each other's best friend can get you through anything! Love you all! xo

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