Monday, February 20, 2012

life is good

Sometimes I lose sight of the fact that ultimately - LIFE IS GOOD! There is no denying it - when the sun shines, when my husband hugs me just because, when I get to spend time with my friends and family, when I play a good game with my fellow Ninjas, when Chad makes me an amazing Sunday night dinner, when I get to take a hot bath and read Vanity Fair, when I get a Monday morning email from my best friend, when I wake up each morning ... life is fantastic. Must remember this more often!

This weekend was filled with early evenings because Chad is still not feeling 100%. Friday night we watched  "The Smurfs" and I just had a wrap for dinner because Chad didn't want anything. Cute movie - very much like "Alvin and the Chipmunks" but I giggled every time they inserted the word SMURF for a bad word.

As soon as the movie ended, Chad hit the sack so I stayed up to finish watching "Crazy, Stupid Love". If this movie didn't have the actors that it does in it, it would have been a horrible movie but the relationship between Steve Carrel and Ryan Gosling saved the movie. Best line ever: "I loved my wife even when I hated her." Every married person can relate to that I am sure!

Saturday we ran across the line to do some shopping and then we came home so Chad could have a nap before heading to my cousin Nick's 14th birthday dinner! I cannot believe he is 14!!! He has finally grown a few inches and his voice is changing - never thought he would ever turn into a man. He will always be my little Nick! We watched the Canucks crush Toronto 6 to 2 and then went home early because again - poor Chad just wasn't feeling right. We watched "Friends With Benefits" which was super adorable and I now have a new crush to add to my list - JT baby!

Sunday was filled with shopping, lunch and soccer. We lost 2-1 in our second play-off game. Sucked because it was directly due to poor reffing and us not being in great shape. Oh well - at least we played a thousand times better than last weekend! I came home to have a hot bath and Chad made a yummy steak, potato and asparagus dinner on the BBQ - can't wait for summer dinners on the patio!

And now - another week begins! Here is a little "Heart of the City" to start your week off right! She sure does make me giggle and she is so me. Enjoy friends!

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