Monday, February 20, 2012

monday morning update

WOW - Just found this in my drafts - wonder why some of these didn't send? Technology - so can't live without it but it does drive me nutso from time to time!

Friday ... Exhausted from the week so I just made some BBQ Chicken Wraps and watched "She's the Man". Chad went to bed super early and I finished Sugar and Spice by Lauren Conrad. Yeah, yeah - it is a "junior" reader book but I love it just the same!

Saturday ... Up early to clean and decorate and get ready for Chad's Birthday Party. Then I met my parent's at Costco and got all the food ready. Home to relax for a bit and wait for the guests. More people showed up then I thought were going to so I was happy about that. It was a great night and I think everyone had a good time (a group of people played "Apples to Apples" until 1:00 am so I think they had a blast - ha ha).

Sunday ... Not feeling 100% in the morning but got up and cleaned up after the party. Then we watched "Corpse Bride". Then Chad made me (I was not really prepared to face the word at this point) go do some grocery shopping and in return he took me out for Pho for lunch so it was a win-win I guess :) Then home to watch "Sleepers" and have a nap. Up to watch some episodes of "Burn Notice" (our latest DVD series we are watching) and then watched "The Social Network" (this movie was filled with horrible acting and the story line wasn't the easiest to follow but I found it absolutely fascinating - just imagine how big Facebook really is!!?) Then off to Save-On to pick up ice-cream for dinner (never do this so it was quite the treat) and then home for more "Burn Notice".

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