Wednesday, March 12, 2014

writing wednesdays // sunrise on shuswap

I was going to start off my first "Writing Wednesdays" with a throw back to a poem I wrote in 1993 when I was just 14 years old - the year I started my awesome poetry journal - ha ha. Then I thought that wasn't the best idea because that poem is called, "Why Live?" and it is dark and depressing, and people might over think it. As mentioned in my previous introduction to "Writing Wednesdays" post, I am kind of surprised my parents didn't have me in counselling as I had such dark thoughts to get out of my head and on to paper (the journal is filled with disturbing pieces). I had a fairly normal and happy upbringing so I have no clue where these disturbing words came from.

That being said, let's fast forward to 1996 for something a bit more pretty and poetic. The writing does get better but it's always fun to see where you started and how far you have come. And no, I didn't always rhyme. :) Enjoy!

Sunrise on Shuswap
As we sit and wait, we quickly begin to anticipate.
We see all the gorgeous colors that are going to light up the sky.
We wait for so long, but time slowly ticks by.
We make up our own conversation, learning all about our new friends.
The clock is moving slowly but I am glad because I don't want the night to come to an end.
Finally the sun peaks through the mountains and the glow is so bright.
I am so comfortable with you, and it is just so perfect and right.
~ Jaclyn Van Den Berg (Bower) - July 31, 1996


  1. Neat that you kept this after all these years. Wonderful poem.

  2. I think that 13/14 is a dark time for a lot of girls. I say quite often that it's a miracle any of us survive the teenage years :)

    1. So true! And just having a daughter myself ... yikes! Watch out world!


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