Monday, March 24, 2014

first time to chuck e cheese

Yesterday we celebrated my niece and nephew's 4th birthday party at good old Chuck E Cheese in Langley.

When I was a kid, we celebrated a lot of birthdays at Chuck E Cheese in Coquitlam back in the day so I was super excited to document Charlotte's first trip to see the Big Cheese.

She met Chuck E Cheese himself and just stared at him with open eyes (and mouth - I think she wanted to nibble on his ears). The only thing that bothered her about the adventure was the noise. Holy hell - that place is LOUD - I did not blame her one bit.

I guess mommy is getting old. The whole drive home I tried to bribe her to NOT want a Chuck E Cheese birthday party in the future. But, of course, if she asks for it, I am sure she will get it. She's only 5 months old so lots (LOTS) of fun birthdays to come!

The birthday boy and girl.
They actually turn 4 today and I cannot believe it. Love them!
Our nephew Curtis (way too cool for school at 12 years old), Nana and Charlotte.
Of course the birthday party was right at nap time but little C is a champ
and had a quick catnap in our Beco carrier but was happy for the rest of the shindig.
 Daddy introducing Charlotte to the Big Cheese himself.
This is the dancing (electronic) Chuck E but she did meet
the walking mascot one too - I just didn't get a photo unfortunately.
Princess Charlotte. Daddy is already grooming her.
Mommy is in trouble.
My crazy family. And yes, I would love them even if they looked like this all the time.
Well, at least I would love Charlotte.
Charlotte on the way home. She was one tired little girl.
  I had to share the cupcakes that my sister-in-law's friends made. So cute.
The party was half "Minion" for my nephew and half "Princess" for my niece.
 And just for fun ... I think I was probably 5 in this photo.
I've been a lover of that mouse forever.
It is so not the same as it used to be but glad that the family tradition can live on!


  1. Posts like this remind of one good thing about our son being gluten free. NO CHUCK-E-CHEESE! I hate that place :) Glad you had fun though.

  2. I've never been to a Chucky Cheeze, we have one in Calgary though and I'm sure when my little one starts attending parties I will be dragged there kicking and screaming lol. It looks like the kids had a great time. Great photo of you with the Cheeze!

    1. Kids love that place - parents do not. I find it hilarious that they serve beer and wine - I guess some parents need it to get through the day ... or even a minute :)


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