Friday, March 28, 2014

1st time mom review series // keeping a 4/5 month old entertained

Below is a list of products that my daughter has loved, and played with, every day between 4 months and 5 months.

We put her through a little circuit throughout the day - it's like she has a baby membership to Curves! :) This is what works for us and our daughter. Not everyone agrees that bouncers and jumpers are good for a baby's development so just choose what works for you an your baby, and what you feel comfortable with.
This is such a fun time for your little one - they can hold things, entertain themselves for short periods of time and interact with you. A few fun things that keep them from getting bored helps you both enjoy the day that much more!

  1. Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper
    Our baby LOVES her Baby Einstein jumper. It took until about 4.5 months for our daughter to be able to touch the floor on the lowest level but now that she can, there is no stopping her. With 12 activities to keep your little one busy, there is never a dull moment. We have also used link rings to attach a bunch of toys as well so she is never bored. My friend calls any exersaucer type toy as a "circle of neglect" - ha ha - but everything in moderation is my mommy mantra.
  2. Jolly Jumper on a Stand
    Once our daughter hit 4 months, she was a bouncing machine and the Jolly Jumper quickly became her favourite activity. We also have the Jolly Jumper Musical Mat so she giggles every time she makes the musical sounds go off. This is a huge hit in our house but we do limit it to only a few times a day, and a few minutes at a time.
  3. Nuby Teethers
    We were given a handful of different types of Nuby Teethers before our daughter was born and they were the first "toys" I introduced to our daughter when she started to be able to hold on to objects. There are so many designs and options, your little one will be sure to find a fun new friend to chew and drool on for sure!
  4. Sassy Crib and Floor Mirror
    We did have a play mat but after we had to take our daughter to physiotherapy due to a flat spot on the back of her head, I passed the play mat on and opted for a few items that would help encourage tummy time. A case worker suggested a mirror so that she could distract herself with her own expression so I opted for this mirror and it worked. Baby girl started enjoying tummy time so much more. Another great tip to encourage tummy time is to roll up a receiving blanket and place it under the baby's armpits. Takes a bit of pressure off of them and made a big difference for us.
  5. My Friend Emily by Lamaze
    When we started making frequent trips to Toys R Us after our baby was born to pick up odds and ends that we didn't even know we needed, I quickly became obsessed with Lamaze toys. They are all adorable and have different textures, make different sounds, tags, etc. to help distract and keep baby interested. A good friend gave Charlotte My Friend Emily for Christmas and we also have Freddie the Firefly.
  6. Oball
    When we found I was pregnant, my husband made me go out and buy an Oball for our unborn child. He was obsessed and I couldn't figure it out but I got one, and we were also given one as a gift. If you don't have one, go get one - or a few (I keep one in our diaper bag). They are awesome - easy for babies to hold on to and they come in a ton of different colours, shapes and sizes. I still can't really explain it but I totally get why my husband wanted one - they are awesome and our daughter loves them.
  7. Sophie the Giraffe
    Sophie is basically a $20.00 (on average) dog toy for babies - ha ha. Even so, it is so worth the money. Once a baby starts to teethe (or figure out they have a mouth - whatever comes first), EVERYTHING goes into their mouth. Sophie is soft and chewy, and squeaks when squeezed (seriously - just like a dog toy) and the head, long neck and legs are perfect for their little fingers to hold, and to fit into their little mouths.
P.S. I couldn't find the Nuby Teether online that my daughter loves to the most - must be an older product - but here is a picture with her Bunny Nuby and her first time feeling snow. She's a fan of both the bunny and the snow I think!

Are you a 1st Time Mom and trying to figure it out as you go along too? Feel free to leave me a comment with any questions and I will be more than happy to get back to you. Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh how much fun are these. I will keep them in mind for my little baby :-)

    1. There are so many fun things to do with your little one Krystal - be prepared and always have a camera ready :)


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