Friday, March 21, 2014

1st time mom review series // infant seat

When I was expecting our first daughter last October, one of the first items on my registry was for a Bumbo. You know the one - the plastic molded seat that is forever causing controversy because some silly (a.k.a. stupid) parent left their infant seated in one, unattended, on a countertop. And these ridiculous situations cause product recalls and mass hysteria - and a restraint belts?!
Yep - I wanted one because they are the talk of the town and every new parent needed one right? We were given a used blue Bumbo (before we knew we were having a girl but blue is the new pink so that was cool). And of course we needed a $15.00 tray because ... we just did. So off to Toys R Us I trucked with a 2 week old in tow to buy a plastic tray - not really understanding that she wouldn't/shouldn't actually sit in the Bumbo until about 4 months old and even then, the window of using the product properly lasts about - oh - 2 weeks.
And because we are rockstar new parents and do everything we are supposed to (NOT!), here is a photo of our 2 week old baby sitting in her blue Bumbo with her neck compressed because she is way too small and too young, without the restraint belt (never got around to following up on that recall) and propped on the kitchen counter unattended. I'm joking of course - we were right there and would never leave here there. But please note that her terrible baby acne went away soon after this photo was taken and daddy dressed her that day.

We started using the Bumbo really early so that she could have somewhere to rest while we had dinner. The only issue is that she wasn't stable enough to sit properly and, from day one, her little legs were so fat (chunky monkey) that I couldn't get her out of the seat without lifting her and prying the seat off of her. But we used it because we had it and - well - that's what new parents do.
Enter my husband's awesome aunt who lives in Chicago. She wanted to send us a gift to welcome our new bundle of joy into the world but it took longer than she had hoped so we didn't get her gift until our daughter was a little over a month old. The mail lady dropped it off on our front step and when I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised. It was both practical and exactly what we needed - somewhere for our daughter to sit and be entertained while we ate dinner.
The 3-Stage SuperSeat® offers 360 degrees of floor time activity fun & booster in one.  It is a secure and comfortable area for your growing infant to learn to sit up and interact with their environment around them. With the Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat® your baby can experience play while also sitting up. It’s the ideal place to keep baby entertained, safe and happy!
This SuperSeat is - well - super! We still couldn't "properly" use this seat until she was almost 4 months old but it has a tray that swivels around will help when she is eating finger foods but also has toys to entertain her now and ... a built in restraint belt! :) We can use it with or without the activity tray and take it with us as a booster seat when she gets a bit older. It's fun and the openings in the foam, molded seat are much larger than a Bumbo so she doesn't get stuck, just sits comfortable in the grooves.
This post is not to knock Bumbo at all. As a new parent, whatever works, just go with it. But if you are anything like us, and produced an adorable Buddha baby with chubby little limbs, I would suggest to bypass the Bumbo and look for a Summer Infant SuperSeat.
And just to prove that we are awesome parents, here is a photo of our daughter sitting in her SuperSeat, having dinner with us, on the kitchen table (don't mind the permanent marker beauty mark on her forehead - my husband thinks he is funny). Be safe parents!
Are you a 1st Time Mom and trying to figure it out as you go along too? Feel free to leave me a comment with any questions and I will be more than happy to get back to you. Thanks for reading!

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