Wednesday, March 19, 2014

writing wednesdays // the insane town

I had to include this one in my "Writings Wednesdays" posts for any readers from good old Walnut Grove (in Langley, British Columbia). I wrote this in 1996 when I was in grade 12 and I was a point in my life where I was quickly starting to realize that high school wasn't real life - just 5 years of ... well, read and see what I mean. This was before bullies were called out and right after I witnessed a fellow student get beat up by a group of his peers, and attended a party at a classmate's house that got way out of hand. Such a confusing time for a teenager - I'm kind of surprised most of us survived! I'm equally surprised that I actually submitted this as a class assignment in my writing class.

The Insane Town
Everybody talks behind each other's backs,
And when word gets around, somebody gets whacked.
Girls walk with their noses up high in the air,
When somebody has a bad hair day, it becomes a major affair.
They talk and they swear, they gossip and they hurt.
Only a kick in the head could make these air heads alert.
Word spreads like the plague and before one knows it,
They are being accused of sleeping with someone they've only known for a bit.
They all smoke their weed and get so high,
They think they are so cool when their brain is in the sky.
They trip on their acid and see weird things.
We laugh at them in class when they say stuff that is funny or something.
They eat their fungus and their legs begin to twitch.
They get so defensive and scream words like bitch.
Alcohol swims in all the inhabitants blood,
Nothing could phase them, not even a life threatening flood.
A friend likes face down dead as a dog;
It doesn't make them think differently, they just roll another log.
They party on weekends and trash a house,
They destroy some person's ride and creep away like a mouse.
The cops chase them and they laugh in their faces.
They spit on the losers and laugh at their court cases.
Nothing is serious, they think that they're all God,
The ultimate judge and whistle degradingly at that fine chick's bod.
The boys are all talk and they are always starting fights.
Nobody cares about a winner because no one is really right.
People get punched by one person and fall to the ground,
And before they know it, people are all around.
Their air is cut off and their head meets a shoe,
But it is not attached to the foot of the person who
Took the first swing and sent him down.
All these things happen all the time in the insane town.
~ Jaclyn Van Den Berg (Bower) - October 3, 1996


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