Monday, March 3, 2014

what i'm crushing on lately // march 2014 edition

Here are a few things I've stumbled across lately that I absolutely adore. I hope you enjoy; and find some fun and inspiration in these links!
  • This lip balm. All natural, tons of delicious flavours (or are they scents because you don't eat it?) and a unique shape. P.S. I like to give these to my new mom friends because breastfeeding seems to suck every part of you dry.
  • I have been using this razor for quite some time now. It's not the cheapest option on the market but who doesn't love making shower time easier when your razor and shaving cream are all in one?  
  • This wine is so delicious and crisp. Tastes a bit like a sparkling sangria. I have only had it at Olive Garden but I have been told that it is at some speciality wine shops. I am officially on a mission!
  • This article about setting guidelines for watching TV for your little ones. This is an issue I do a lot of research on because I really don't want our baby to grow up attached to the boob tube. But sometimes, it is just so easy to do!
  • Valentine's Day has come and gone but I am in love with this easy to make heart garland. I am obsessed with garland right now so I might be making one of these to use all year round.
  • This gratitude saying (sorry - I have no clue where I stumbled across this but I had to share):

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