Thursday, March 6, 2014

recently // march 2014

Making // plans with friends and family members. I am 5 months into my maternity leave so want to make sure I spend as much time with loved ones as I can with the time I have left.
Cooking // quick and easy meals. The quicker and easier the better these days.
Drinking // Gatorade.
Reading // the goldfinch. Still - sure takes me a lot longer to get through a book these days. :)
Wanting // summer to come. Or at least spring.
Looking // out the window at the breaking clouds. It was pouring this morning but it looks like the sun is trying to come out. Come on sunshine!
Playing // with Project Life. So excited to start!
Watching // 90201.
Wishing // that time would slow down. But I know that is impossible so I just wish for more sunshine please and thank you.
Enjoying // every minute at home with little Ms. Charlotte.
Liking // writing again.
Wondering // how I have an almost 5 month old!!?
Loving // my stay-at-home mom life.
Hoping // that my grandmother starts feeling better soon.
Marvelling // at how chatty Charlotte is these days.
Needing // to exercise.
Smelling // my Scentsy Sugar Cookie wax. Yum!
Wearing // my new shirt from Target.
Following // Charlotte's new physio routine everyday and it's helping!
Noticing // that Charlotte has much more control over her hands and can hold things.
Knowing // that I have everything I need.
Thinking // about what the rest of this year has to offer.
Giggling // at Charlotte when she says, "Da da da" and my husband thinks she is calling him.
Feeling // so much love for my little girl.

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