Friday, July 5, 2013

pregnancy reading

The number one most common piece of advice I got from people when I started telling them I was pregnant was to not read anything about pregnancy or delivery. To just go with the flow and not get overwhelmed with the crazy amount of information out there. Listen to your doctor and talk to your husband. Case closed.

Well - if you know me - I like to be educated and believe that knowledge is power so the first thing I did was download an app on my phone (okay - so I downloaded about 8 apps) and picked up some literature. Oh - and I ask my doctor about a million questions at each of my monthly visits. 

Below is a brief list of resources I have consulted and taken notes from so far. I am 24 weeks pregnant so have about 4 months to really get prepared. We are registered for the hospital tour, prenatal classes and a labour and delivery class. Breastfeeding class still to be scheduled. Hey - I'm a first time mom and like I said, knowledge is power and this momma-to-be is going to be ready. Until Baby Girl comes and then it will all go out the window but the information is keeping my anxiety at ease ... for now :) 

What literature or tools would you recommend for first time moms?

Got a copy of Baby's Best Chance during my first doctor appointment when I found out officially that I was pregnant. Used the book as part of my props for telling my husband I was pregnant too :) You can download a copy HERE.

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