Monday, July 1, 2013

happy canada day

We were up super early to head into Vancouver to spend Canada Day with my cousin, Danielle, and her little guy, Charles, our family from California.

They were upgraded to a suite at the Renaissance so we enjoyed their view for a bit before heading out to enjoy the sights and sounds around Canada Place.

It was a beautiful and hot day in Vancouver. A perfect kick off to the summer!

Charles loved the street activities and entertainment - especially the BMX bike show and the strange tin can band.

Chad and I did a little daydreaming about one day sailing away on a Disney cruise. I've heard they are fabulous and amazing but super pricey. One day :)

At about 12:30, it was time for Charles' nap so Chad and I headed back into Langley. No surprise that when we got home, it was Chad's nap time too!

Happy Canada Day from my American/Canadian family! I hope you all had a wonderful day too - and can manage to stay awake long enough tonight to watch some fireworks!

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