Thursday, July 4, 2013


I read this article this morning and I was basically jumping up and down with excitement - someone else gets it! I have mentioned in a previous post that I am so not a fashionista - I go for value and comfort over anything else. But even I, in my limited fashion wisdom, know when a trend should not be followed and when something just does not look good. Just because "someone" tells you it is "in season" does not mean that you should wear it: a) everyone's body is completely different and therefore, clothes fit everyone differently and b) designers sometimes design their "trends" a year in advance so just because they say it is, doesn't mean it is. Just saying.

  1. Yes over sized big, round sunglasses make you look like a bug. They make EVERYONE look like a bug. See photo and article above for proof.
  2. No skinny jeans probably don't look good on you. I have only seen skinny jeans look really good on - well - skinny girls and most of us, are not that skinny. As my girl Mel of Vancity Voicebox says, she is happy to see the flare is coming back because the skinny jeans just don't suit everyone (I couldn't find the exact post so I am paraphrasing but I remember I was screaming YES - SHE GETS IT - in my head when I read it). She has style for days even though she calls herself a "boring fashionista". You should definitely follow her blog! Oh - and if you need any tips on a delicious beverage to try, she is your lady!
  3. High wasted shorts seem to be the "in" thing this summer. I have had two men in my life say that they look horrible and make no sense to them. Not that I am saying that you need to dress for a man but if they can figure out what looks okay on a woman and what doesn't, why can't we?
  4. Calling all little girls. I mean young ladies from the age of 10 to say, I don't know, 100. Put. Some. Clothes. On. Yes it is the summer and yes it is hot but that is no reason to go around half naked. No matter how in shape you are, no one wants to see it. Trust me. And if this baby in my belly thinks that one day she is going to get away with wearing shorts (even athletic shorts) that show part of her butt cheek? Baby girl has another thing coming from mommy and daddy! Why would anyone want their 12-year-old behind to be showing in this day and age?!
I think when it comes to fashion, a little common sense goes a long way don't you?


  1. I don't agree with point #1 because I love my oversized glasses and think they suit my big ol' round face more than others, but I agree wholeheartedly with #2, #3, and #4! :)

  2. haha love it! i also don't understand how parents let their underage teen wear shorts that show their butt cheeks! it's insane! what I find so frustrating is if your body doesn't fit the latest fad... where the heck do you shop? i went shopping a while back and i couldn't find anything flattering to my shape and it was all florescents! i'm just not that comfortable being that bright... sheesh!


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