Tuesday, July 30, 2013

pregnancy // 27.5 weeks ... where is the time going?

I'm at about 27.5 weeks in my pregnancy now and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. Each day has been a battle but when you string all those days together, I am shocked that we only have about 3 months to go! 

This pregnancy journey has taught me so much already - and surprised me a lot too.

  • I actually thought morning sickness meant I would throw up in the morning and get on with my day.
    • Reality: I was sick for about 18 weeks and then heartburn set in. Now morning sickness and heartburn are controlled by medications but my body feels like it has been hit by a bus every single morning. Oh well - as my husband would say - suck it up buttercup, you are creating life!
  • I so thought I would blog every day about pregnancy and baby related topics 
    • Reality: I barely find time to blog. At all. Ever. About anything.
  • I thought I would keep a pregnancy journal.
    • Reality: I do keep a regular journal on my iPhone through the Wonderful Days app so I have been keeping some pregnancy related notes there but have I filled up any of the beautiful journals that my friends passed on to me? No. Couldn't even think about it for the first little bit and now I am too far gone - 3rd Trimester hardly seems the time to start :)
  • I thought I would spend more time with my fellow pregnant mom-to-be friends.
    • Reality: I have barely seen them since I found out they too are pregnant.
  • I thought I would embrace my pregnant body and buy the cutest maternity clothes.
    • Reality: I actually feel much better in my body now that I have a belly than I did when I just felt sick and "mushy". But maternity clothes are expensive. And bras? Come on now - if I wanted to wear the "proper" size bra at all times during my pregnancy, I would probably be buying a new bra every month. I am living on these right now: Bra Extenders.
  • I thought we would have the nursery done by now.
    • Reality: Chad finished the painting and wallpapering this weekend but we still need to load in the furniture, build some of the furniture, put up some pictures, bring over a rocking chair from Chad's mom's place, etc. etc. etc.
  • I thought I would exercise more.
    • Reality: By the time I get home from work I am lucky if I do my 20 minute walk around the block. I still have my list of prenatal yoga classes that I was so excited to sign up for. Maybe next time ... or mom and tot classes perhaps? :)
  • And the list goes on and on and on ... 
So - to say my pregnancy journey hasn't exactly gone the way I thought I would is a MAJOR understatement. But would I trade it for a different experience? Nope - this is our journey - our path to meeting our baby girl. I said to Chad last night, "Maybe this means we will be better prepared for number two or number three." I think I gave him a mild heart attack :) 


  1. exactly the attitude to have! every pregnancy is different for every woman! such a crazy journey, but so worth every moment. you are looking fabulous by the way :)

  2. Our plans are not always executed properly.


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