Tuesday, July 9, 2013

pregnancy = crazy?

My friend emailed me this article recently: The 10 Worst Things About Being Married to a Pregnant Woman. Some of it definitely hit home but for the most part, I have been pretty sane during my pregnancy. 

I have had two or three "melt-downs" and my husband (who is not known as the most patient person in the world) has dealt with them like a champ. One was over the paint colour for the nursery and the second was over a diaper garbage can discussion. Both were in public places. Um - yes, they were. 

Twice I have just felt so tired and overwhelmed, I just started crying for no reason. My husband wasn't able to help me with these episodes but all I really needed was a nap :)

I haven't had any cravings but I have a ton of other symptoms: exhaustion, swollen feet, heartburn, morning sickness, bad taste in my mouth always and excessive weight gain. 

Now let me tell you - the last one is by far my least favourite. And I am about to open a serious case of pregnancy cray cray on the next person who points out how much weight I have gained. People tend to mention it. All. The. Time. People close to me (family members and family friends) as well as people outside of my inner circle (a lady I come into contact with through work asked me the other day if I am sure that there is only one baby in my tummy). Um - yes - bitch, I am sure. Really people? No wonder Kim Kardashian has issues! I am eating as healthy as I can given my extensive morning sickness and heartburn issues so lay off. 

Who wants to mess with a pregnant woman anyways - crazy or not?! :)

Were you crazy during your pregnancy? Any odd or out of the blue symptoms that threatened to take you to crazy town?


  1. ugh i hate those comments on weight! EVERYONE carries differently and just because you might look bigger than stick thin suzie, doesn't mean you're going to have 2 babies or that your baby will be 12 pounds! those were the comments i got... that i was going to have a huge baby - well let me just say that i had a very nice size baby at 7.15 and 7.4... so suck it! haha.

    1. Ha ha - thanks Sheilla :) You are awesome Momma!

  2. You are glowing and beautiful, and that's all that matters honey! But I know what you mean - trust me!


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