Sunday, June 9, 2013

nursery planning

At first I thought our nursery would just be an overall "animal" theme but when we found out we were pregnant, my husband so heck to the no on that idea and I was secretly thrilled. I have been collecting stuff over the years - things I had as a kid, things I had when I lived on my own but didn't really fit into my adult life, things that others had given me, etc. and all of them related to animals. I started a bin and just went with it. But now - I want to start fresh. A new idea, a new theme, a new project to get excited about :) I have no clue when we will actually work on the nursery, and I know that the furniture will be white (we have some already) but here are a few Pinterest nursery design boards that have caught my eye recently:

Then I was really leaning toward a Garden Gnome themed nursery:

from etsy seller TinyRed

from etsy seller StudioWallStickers

from etsy seller TheWishingElephant

And now this is my new favourite inspiration. I know, I know - at least I have some time to figure it out :) What's your favourite nursery theme?

So many adorable choices! But for now, my main mommy-to-be-mission is to find a pair of jeans that fit! Happy day friends! xo

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