Thursday, June 13, 2013

a rare post about fashion

A fashionista I am not. I do find myself daydreaming quite regularly about all the stylish clothes and outfits I would love to wear but clothing is not a huge priority for me. Shopping for clothes is usually the last thing on my to do list and the last thing I would like to spend money on. Yes - I am a girl but it never has been my thing. 

I dream about winning the lottery so that a) I can hire someone to clean my house and b) I can hire a doppelganger to buy clothes for me. You see, I don't even want a personal shopper or a stylist, I want a twin who will put together awesome outfits for me each morning so I don't have to think. Most days, I am just happy that I don't leave the house naked. 

I do keep a Fashion Fantasies board on Pinterest where I pin any cute outfits I see thinking that one day I will take those photos into a store and duplicate them. Um no, that has not happened yet. 

I came across this "Choosing Necklaces for Necklines" image on someone's Facebook page and immediately stole it. I cannot tell you how many necklaces I have but when I pair them with a certain top that I think will look cute, I am often wrong. It looks good in my head but it doesn't always translate onto my body.

So for all you non-fashionista ladies out there, feel free to steal this cheat sheet for your own personal use. Hopefully it will help you take that basic black sweater (that all of us people who do not care about trends, have multiples of in our closets) and dress it up a little bit. Trust me, if you are anything like I am, a little bit of help goes a long way! Have fun friends! xo

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