Thursday, June 27, 2013

no more arguing with stupid

I do not know what is wrong with people these days but I seem to have to deal with more and more stupid people on a daily basis.

I know calling them "stupid" is super ignorant of me but I do not know how else to label these people who say and do things that are so ridiculous and not smart so I just use the general term of stupid.

They are everywhere. The guy that fingers me because I don't stop in the middle of a round about to let him in. Stupid.

The person at work who makes selfish decisions that have nothing to do with anything and ultimately wastes a ton of time. My time. Stupid.

The list could go on and on. I deal with a ton of stupid people during the week at random but I also have stupid people in my day to day life at work, in my circle of friends and in my family. It doesn't necessarily mean I care for them any less bit their words and actions tend to be stupid based on a regular basis.

And now, I'm putting my foot down. If you want to live your life a certain way, operate your business a certain way, parent a certain way, etc., that is 100% on you. I know that has always been the case but no more helping or giving advice - my breath has been wasted too many times.

It is time to concentrate on the smart people in my life and although I will never throw away any of the stupids - they are just now officially on the back burner. You don't care? Great - neither do I.

No more arguing with stupid (or hypocrites or people who change their mind as quickly and as frequently as they change their underwear) - such a waste of time. It might have taken me forever to have this Oprah AHA moment but it is here to stay and I feel lighter already.

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