Friday, August 31, 2012

last night ...

Last night I got my hair cut and I love it! You know in the movie Hook when the Lost Boys are touching Robin Williams' face and looking for Peter and then the cute little one says "Oh there you are Peter!" - well that is exactly what I feel like - like I found myself again. Love! Thank you to my favourite hair dresser or all time - Ms. Sandra.

When I got home I took Lexxus for a quick walk and then dropped her back off at home and I went for a longer walk (she is old and chubby and gets way too excited when every cat in the neighbourhood would like to say hello to her so I don't last long - ha ha). After I got back neither Chad nor I were very hungry so we had ice cream sandwiches for dinner. Hey - I went for a walk didn't I? :)

Chad went to bed (he gets up 3 hours before I do so I have to give the guy a break for not staying up with me every night) and I played on my iPhone and watched Mirror Mirror. So did not understand Snow White's eyebrows but overall it was a pretty cute movie for children of all ages.

Any one have any big plans for the long weekend?


  1. so will you post a picture of your new haircut? i always find taking a picture after THEY style it is key... i never get it looking quite the same again after that :)

    1. Hey Hun - Are you following me on Instagram? There's a pic there - back to the shorter hair and LOVING IT :)


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