Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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We really enjoyed staying home for our BC Day long weekend. We got a ton done around the house, and even snuck in a few dates here and there. While we weren't spending time having fun in the sun, we finished season 2 of 'True Blood' and watched these two movies.

In the theatre ...
Oh Christian Bale, how you drive me absolutely bat s%$# crazy (pun intended) when you play Batman. Why oh why do people think this is a good idea? This movie was so long and although Batman and Bane made me want to run out of the theatre, I did enjoy Cat Woman and I am absolutely thrilled with the idea of ... SPOILER ALERT ... Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Robin in a future money-making blockbuster.

In the theatre ...
Chad got bored really quickly and went to bed part way through. Awesome to see that many actors in one movie but a) some of them made no sense and b) just because that many actors are in the same movie does not make it a movie filled with talent. Still, it made me smile (and - don't tell anyone - tear up a few times here and there ... thank goodness Chad went to bed!) and even though New Year's Eve is probably my least favourite holiday, I always love it when people kiss when the clock strikes 12! And who doesn't love the idea of being in Times Square on New Year's Eve? Even I would get a kick out of that!

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