Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"do I get a present too?"

I just had to share this sequence of photos from a birthday party we attended last weekend! Meet Ms. Julia. She is my cousin Suds' daughter with his gorgeous (and delightful) wife Sarah. Suds is a pilot and they live in Hong Kong but come home to visit family and friends whenever they can. The last time I saw Julia in person, she was literally just a little bundle of joy and now, she is a walking/talking little girl - crazy how that happens :)

Since Julia and her big sister Ella live in Hong Kong, I decided to bring them gifts to my other cousin's little girls', Abbey and Ainsley's, birthday party. This is what happened ...

"Hey Julia, it's present opening time!"

"Well what the heck? How come every other little girl has a present except for me?"

"Okay good. This makes more sense. Let the gift opening really begin!"

"Hmm ... this is tougher than I thought!"

  "Clearly I need a little help."

"I know! Nana will help me!" 

"Ah - this is better ... now let's see what we got here."

"That's it? Look at all the goodies the birthday girls got!"

"Whatever! I'm going  back to my swing where I should have stayed in the first place!" 

Big love Ms. Julia! xoxo

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  1. This is awesome, Jay!! Thank you

    When I saw Ella and asked who gave her the activity books she replied,
    "That nice lady did, Mom"


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