Monday, February 10, 2014

what i'm crushing on lately

Here are a few things I've stumbled across lately that I absolutely adore. I hope you enjoy; and find some fun and inspiration in these links!
  • Kiwi Crate - I look forward to when Charlotte and I can start ordering these and get creative together. Such a fun idea!
  • This wrapping paper cart from Home Depot. I am going to start saving for one. Could they have picked a better colour?
  • Nashville on Netflix. I am a bit late to the game but I am absolutely hooked. This show totally makes up for my Friday Night Lights withdrawal.
  • These adult Valentine's Day Cards. I can think of someone special for each of these little cuties.
  • This quote from Clementine Daily that holds so true for my life right now.
  • Charlotte Monroe at 15 weeks old ... can't get enough! xo

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