Wednesday, February 12, 2014

babies are like snowflakes

I was reading a random blog the other day (can't remember which one) and I read a line that said, "Babies are just like snowflakes. Each one is unique and beautiful, and can't be compared to the other." This analogy really hit me because I am a first time mom of a four month old and the learning curve on this new gig has been huge. I have enjoyed every minute of it but it has also been the hardest thing I have ever done.

When you become a new parent, you are like a sponge - you read too much, you ask too many questions of every other parent in your life, you think too much,  you analyze too much, you try and find a answer for every single thing your newborn does (even if nothing is actually wrong) ... and in turn, you get a lot of conflicting advice and information.

One expert will tell you to swaddle your baby whereas the nurse at the hospital will tell you that swaddling is now a contributor to SIDS. One person will tell you to never wake a sleeping baby and another mother will tell you that you have to wake them every three hours or else! (Or else what?!) A friend will tell you that you need to start feeding your baby solid foods at 4 months but all the experts (who the hell are these people anyways?) will tell you that you have to wait until 6 months.

One of the biggest discrepancy (and probably the issue I have Googled about the most in the wee hours) is over sleep - Where should my baby sleep? When should my baby sleep? How long should my baby sleep? Should I follow a napping schedule? Should I hire a sleep trainer? HOW THE HELL DO I JUST GET MY BABY TO SLEEP? If you haven't read this exhausted new mom's hilarious take on 'expert' sleep advice, you must. I wish I had read it (and taken it in) while I was pregnant - would have saved me a lot of anxiety and grief for not being able to figure it out and do it right (my point being is that there is no right or wrong).

Bottomline is being a new parent is a journey. It's a journey into the depth of your soul - you will never feel more challenged, more humbled or more in love in your life. It's a journey of self discovery - just how many hours can  you survive without sleep? It's a journey about developing a new relationship - you and your new baby really are strangers so it totally makes sense that it will take a while to get to know each other. For some, the magic number is 6 weeks but for me, it took about 12 weeks for me to feel comfortable with my little one, and for her to really start to rely on me.

Each baby is unique and different so follow your instincts and do what is right for you and your family. Most what "they" have told me or I have read about says that their opinion will work with "the majority of babies" and about 99% of the info has not applied to our Charlotte. I knew she was special but really? :) I am sure you have been told this time and time before but it is the truth - just go with the flow, follow your baby's lead and you will all be just fine and better off for it!

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  1. I totally agree with you! I'm a new mom to a 7 month old, and it really comes down to you knowing your baby. No baby is the same. What might work for one baby won't work for another. Gotta remember that they're tiny people with BIG personalities!

    1. Congratulations Jessica! I am learning this lesson more and more every day and like one of my girlfriends said to me - it doesn't get easier, it just gets so much better :) Have fun!


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