Tuesday, February 25, 2014

some firsts for ms. charlotte

This past weekend we got a big dump of snow where we live. It doesn't usually snow this late in February so I guess the old groundhogs were right and we are in for some more winter (it is still snowing as I write this - we are at well over a foot now and that isn't normal for around these parts).

This isn't the first time it has snowed since Charlotte was born in October - we had a bit around Christmas but nothing really stuck and I don't even think we went outside with Charlotte on those days.

On Saturday, instead of getting our 4.5 month year old all ready to "play" in the snow, we just stuck her in the middle of the front yard to see what her reaction would be. She has never showed any signs of every being cold (she is quite the little sweat ball actually) - she actually seems quite comfortable while cold (except for in the bath - that is a whole other ballgame).

She was quite funny because she was actually smiling the whole time but I couldn't get a proper photo because she couldn't keep her eyes from blinking.

After our snow adventure :) ... we went to our good friend Lachlan's 5th birthday party at the Honeybee Centre. What a cool idea for a birthday party! (And this was the first time Charlotte had attended a kid birthday party so she was pretty excited.) Birthday boy and party guests got to have an educational lesson on insects, they got to explore the bug room, they made bug catchers, beat the crap out of a piƱata (courtesy of the parents) and had a late pizza lunch. The kids all had a blast, learned a few things and birthday mom didn't have to clean her house ... win/win if you ask me!
Daddy and Charlotte were very intent on learning something new themselves:
Check out my friend's awesome Minion spread - complete with a fruit Minion: 
Don't worry Charlotte - next year we will really play in the snow like all the big kids. I promise! xo


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