Monday, February 24, 2014

oh how i can relate!

I recently came across this article on a new blog I have started following, SortaCrunchy:
style crisis: how do you dress a body you (sorta) don't love?.

Megan is a mom of four - 2 daughters and 2 twin sons. To say her hands are full is an understatement. Her blog is filled with honest, funny and down-to-earth posts that I really enjoy reading.

I was having one of my off/blah days as a new momma and I was feeling exactly how Megan was feeling in her Style Crisis post. My daughter is now over 4 months old and I finally feel like I am in the swing of things. I can manage to get her dressed and fed throughout the day, get myself dressed and fed throughout the day and still have dinner on the table so I can make sure my husband is fed (he dresses himself thank goodness). Our days are slipping by quietly and comfortably. Life is really good.

But in the same breath, I am in a bit of slump when it comes to not being a mom. You know what "they" say - don't lose yourself when you become a mom because it is so easy to do. My days are wrapped up in breastfeeding, nap times, exercises (my daughter's - muscle development issues - not mine, unfortunately), storybook reading, laundry, dishes, etc., etc., etc. My life is ... well ... life. It's the everyday stuff that is taking precedence right now. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the everyday stuff. It's my favourite. But without something to balance it out, it gets pretty old pretty quick.

In my pre-pregnancy life I played soccer. I read books all the time. I went to movies. I stayed up past 9:00 p.m. I rode my bike. I went to yoga. I got massages. I went for walks. These are all things I still know I enjoy but have taken a backseat to the newborn.

I am now that mom. You know the one. The one that wears yoga clothes but never actually sets foot in a yoga studio. I have a pair of grey yoga pants and a pair of black yoga pants. And I have four hoodies. And I rotate the death out of these six articles of clothing. To be fair, I was less than impressed with my wardrobe when I got pregnant so I donated any item I didn't love so I would be forced to purchase new clothes after the baby was born. Well, she's here and every single day I automatically put on my yoga gear and get ready for my day.

I am super grateful that I have lost a lot of the baby weight while breastfeeding but I am nowhere near my dream weight, and my body is nothing like it was before (I would describe myself as a head to toe wet, limp noodle right now). Therefore, the thought of buying new clothes makes me want to pull my hood over my head and climb back into bed.

To add to the dilemma, I could not hate shopping for clothes more. It is my least favourite thing to do on the planet. And I'm not talking like I just need a new pair of jeans. I don't have any jeans so yes, I need those. But I also need dress clothes, shoes, a sports bra, underwear ... oh boy - I am starting to sweat just thinking about it.

My husband is sick and tired of listening to me complain about "having nothing to wear" so he is making me go shopping this weekend. He is forcing me. And I am already anxious about it - Will I even find anything that fits? How will I afford new clothes on a mat leave budget? (I HATE spending money on clothes.) Where do I even shop? (I like to shop at department type stores so that I can browse on my own. I hate it when sales people help me.) The whole shopping idea just makes me uncomfortable. BUT ... I can't live in the same clothes forever (or can I?! Okay, okay - I know I can't).

Time to pull up my big mommy panties and go out into the world and find me some clothes that fit this body, right now, without worrying about what might happen to my shape in the near or distant future. The time is now! Hmm ... wonder how I can get out of this?!

How did you manage your wardrobe during the "in between" stage of your body after having a baby?


  1. I think as women the hardest thing to accept and love is our own bodies. Enjoy clothing shopping this weekend. Invite a good friend to join you, grab a coffee or tea, and make a day out of it. There will be lots of clothes that look fantastic on you. The best way to feel better about ourselves and our bodies is to wear nice clothes and do our makeup even if we are just spending the day at home cleaning and nursing our babies. I always feel better after I've spent some time on me.

    Another hint to loving our bodies more is to eat a predominately whole foods diet. When we are feeding our body the nutrients it needs our brains are happier, our hormones are happier, and we are happier :-)

    Have fun this weekend picking out a new wardrobe!

    1. Thanks Krystal - you are so right. Thank you for the tips!

  2. I totally know where you are coming from. Life with an infant is really hard. Your body is different, your schedule revolves around feedings and naps. But thankfully, those days don't last forever. There will soon come a day when your little C will be able to play independently or even do yoga with you.

    I would encourage you to just buy a couple of things. Your body is not done changing yet. Get a pair of jeans that look really good (super dark wash is thinning) and a couple of tops that are nursing-friendly.

    1. Thanks so much for the tips ... and you are SO right! :)


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