Tuesday, February 18, 2014

recently // february 2014

Making // nothing right now. I am actually in a bit of a creative funk.
Cooking // haystack dinner as a casserole.
Drinking // lots of water with lemon juice.
Reading // the goldfinch.
Wanting // this white heart garland.
Looking // to feeling 100% healthy again.
Playing // not yet but looking forward to playing soccer again.
Wasting // days watching United States of Tara on Netflix.
Wishing // that Charlotte would take a bottle on the odd occasion here or there. (Same wish as last month.)
Enjoying // every minute at home with little Ms. Charlotte.
Liking // that Spring is coming soon.
Wondering // what Charlotte's new, four month old schedule is going to turn out to be.
Loving // my husband.
Hoping // that I can continue to keep my anxiety in check.
Marvelling // at how active Charlotte is getting by the day.
Needing // to exercise.
Smelling // my Calm body spray.
Wearing // too many yoga clothes. Momma needs a new wardrobe. Stat!
Following // NieNie Dialogues - she has a Charlotte too!
Noticing // that Charlotte has almost figured out that she has feet.
Knowing // that I am blessed.
Thinking // about our potential road trip at the end of the month.
Giggling // at Charlotte's facial expressions.
Feeling // loved.

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