Tuesday, June 21, 2011


  • OBSESSION ... Not sure why but I am obsessed with photos of other people's meals on blogs. Love the inspiration and everything looks so yummy. My latest favourite thing when looking for good blogs to follow.
  • DREAMING ... I have been having this on-going daydream that Chad and I win the lottery and buy a winery somewhere in the Okanagan. Chad runs the wine side including the grapes, wine making and tours and I run the event side because there is also a B&B on the premises and enough room for weddings. It could happen right?!
  • THINKING ... About what we should do with our week of in July. For sure heading to meet some friends in Oliver, BC for some camping but hoping to fit in a wine tour or two as well along the way. I know, I know - the wine thing is a common theme in my life right now :)

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