Wednesday, April 2, 2014

i want to be a doer // april 2014 update

Back at the end of February, I wrote this post about wanting to be a doer and want to focus on doing things that make me happy. Fast forward a little over a month later (seriously - where is the time going?!) and I am making progress.

Most of my "to do list goals" are long term (and would need a positive change in our financial situation which isn't on the horizon yet) but as mentioned before, I just wanted to dump all the things I have on my mind into one list and see what we can accomplish as a family.

I have a handful of items to add and I think this list is going to be organic - changing constantly and as long as I have it all written down in one place, this works really well for me - visually seeing what we have done and what we still want to do.

Completed Dreams:
  • Pay off our American Express (and stop using credit cards completely). Ever since I started my maternity leave, we pay off any charges we make on our credit card right away (we get Air Miles while using our American Express so it pays to use it). We have found a way to pay off our American Express interest free. So even though we still owe a large sum, we have a plan in place and are paying down the principal 100% vs. only paying off the interest each month. I feel great about this and it is a weight off my shoulders. We aren't out of the woods yet but we will be ... in about 2 years - ha ha. I am crossing this one off because it is definitely being taken care of. Phew!
  • Take Charlotte swimming. This happened and it was fabulous!

Dreams Added Today:

  • Take Charlotte to the zoo.
  • Take Charlotte to the aquarium.
  • Wine tasting at Krause Berry Farms.
  • Get all our random photos, pictures and art framed and hung.
  • Create and continue keeping a Project Life album.
  • Build a table top work station for my craft room.
  • Have a garage sale this spring.
  • Get a photo of Charlotte blown up for our bedroom.

On-Going Dreams:

  • Be a stay at home mom.
  • Plan Charlotte's fabulous 1st birthday party.
  • Go to Vegas again with my husband and friends.
  • Take Charlotte to Disneyland with the grandparents.
  • Go on a cruise with my husband.
  • Buy a more family friendly vehicle. Yes - a mini-van is probably in my near future! :)
  • Re-do our kitchen (gut job).
  • Buy a new TV and storage unit.
  • Have brunch at Lou's Bar and Grill (we love it at Lou's but have never had brunch there).
  • Take a day trip to Lynden, Washington (my parents used to take me there all the time and I need to go back for a visit - I always drive past it on the way to Bellingham - time to stop by).
I'll keep updating as I add things and check things off this list. The checking things off part is my very favourite!

I found this post inspiring and love all the beautiful and inspiring things on this blog.
What are your dreams this month?


  1. I love your list and congrats on the wins you've had so far :-) I enjoyed reading about Charlotte's first swim, what a cutie.

    1. Thanks Krystal - Hoping to cross a few more off this weekend :)


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