Wednesday, April 16, 2014

i didn't realize

When I first became a mom I didn't realize ...
  • That I wouldn't mind changing dirty diapers all day long.
  • How many hours would be spent obsessing over one subject: sleep.
  • How judgemental and competitive people really can be.
  • Who would become my support system and important to me.
  • Trusting my instincts will get me everywhere.
  • That people I care about would make me feel bad (not always intentionally) for the mother I am becoming and choosing to be.
  • How much hormones can really mess with your mind.
  • That I would quickly develop a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding.
  • How much I would regret not getting our financial situation under better control first.
  • Why they use sleep deprivation and crying babies as a military training tactic.
  • That I didn't really need any baby shoes until the baby can actually walk.
  • That zipper sleepers are the very best things ever.
  • How much energy I would get from an early morning smile.
  • How different every baby, family and mother are.
  • Why everyone told me to stop reading parenting books and websites.
  • That a little bit of crying is okay.
  • How young a baby can be before he/she starts manipulating mommy and daddy.
  • What it truly feels like to feel helpless.
  • How bad my anxiety could actually get.
  • That I would fall in love with my husband all over again.
  • That my baby girl would wear pink almost every day of her little life so far.
  • How long it would take me to feel comfortable in my role as mom.
  • That some days you don't want to but now you have to.
  • How even a diaper rash can break a parent's heart.
  • What a great father my husband would become.
  • That a baby changes everything. Truly.
  • Just how much hair I was going to lose after the baby was born.
  • How a month can feel like a year and a minute at the same time.
  • How much stuff is accumulated for such a little person.
  • The awesomeness of Netflix.
  • The power of strangers. New moms connect in such an amazing way.
  • That I had the capacity to love like this.

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