Thursday, August 15, 2013

what is with the lip service ladies?

I have been noticing a lot of women in Hollywood who have these huge, bee stung, fat lips these days - out of the blue - they are staring me in the face every time I watch a stupid reality show or scroll through Perez (don't judge - I know you do it too).

What is up with this trend? Is it just me or do you agree that this does not look good on any of them. It doesn't look the least bit natural and if they try and say it is natural (due to pregnancy or anything else) they are straight up lying.

I am 30 weeks pregnant and have had zero changes to my lips. Did she feel that she needed to make her lips proportionate when she gained the baby weight? I'm so confused.

Just looks super unnatural but I don't know what I would expect from Ms. Lindsay. And yes, I will admit it, I am VERY excited about the interview with the big O!
The only OC Housewife to never have cosmetic surgery but I'm pretty sure her body is filled with every synthetic formula known to man-kind. Just because there wasn't an actual knife involved, doesn't mean she hasn't been altered. Have you seen her on the show - her lips stick out so far from her face now. Again - makes zero sense to me.

What are your thoughts on the bee stung lip look? Love it or hate it (clearly like I do)?

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  1. Kim's are by far the worst! Although you and I are both celeb-followers, I have to admit that I never really noticed it on Gretchen until now. I love a pouty lip, especially one with some red lipstick on it a la Marilyn, but it's gone to the extreme and I'm worried for their pour mouths. And PS - are lip injections really safe while carrying a baby Kanye???


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