Saturday, August 3, 2013

hi ho, hi ho (or is it heigh ho, heigh ho)

Not sure which is officially correct - hi ho, hi ho OR heigh ho, heigh ho. Either way - off to work this little garden gnome goes! We went to The Clay Cottage in Abbotsford in January with friends for Chad's birthday. We JUST finished our projects a couple of weeks ago - ha ha. I picked a complicated little guy but then I got pregnant, was super sick and it took us forever to get back. When we got home last night, our little treasures were waiting for us on our front bench. I so thought that he was going to be a disaster but both my gnome and Chad's treasure chest were amazing. Can't wait to go back and work on something for baby girl's nursery. Relatively inexpensive entertainment, relaxing and we both love painting so painting pottery is a good date night for us!

What's your favourite way to get artsy with your loved ones?

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