Tuesday, August 6, 2013

pregnancy // side effects

I'm due October 25th and with less than 3 months left, I am pretty anxious and feel like I'm not as prepared as I should be. I am a planner by nature (my occupation is an event coordinator) so I love my lists, being organized and being able to complete a project and check it off my list. That is my heaven.

But because my pregnancy side effects have run the gamut, I have only felt "okay" for a while now and I feel like I was kind of robbed of the "pregnancy experience". I feel like I would have been able to do my research, get the nursery ready, plan my budget and spread out my pay cheques when buying stuff for the baby much more effectively if I was able to start sooner. Even now at 28 weeks, my days are determined when I wake up, not planned ahead. Even this weekend, I was supposed to go to the lake to spend time with my family but when my alarm went off early on Saturday morning, there was no way I was making the trip. It makes me mad, sad and frustrated but I know that this time won't last forever and it is all part of my journey.

Here's the good, the bad and the ugly of my pregnancy so far:
  • Morning sickness (who are they kidding with that? It should be called all day sickness if I had a vote) until about 17 weeks (extreme nauseous feeling and the occasional throw up session) and then just a dull sick feeling all the time - especially when I am tired and/or when I have eaten enough.
  • Then the heartburn set in (I feel so bad for anyone who has to deal with this on a regular basis. It is almost as bad as the morning sickness ... almost).
  • On medication for both the morning sickness and heartburn (even now at 28 weeks).
  • I have had fairly nice nails the whole way through :)
  • A lot of fine extra hair on my body.
  • Heavy breathing. My husband thinks there is something wrong but I can have trouble catching my breath even after getting up out of a chair!
  • Random heart fluttering (doctor assures me this is normal - just a lot of extra blood being pushed through my system).
  • Tired ... oh so tired ... all of the time.
  • Horrible skin. Chad was sure she was a she because they say boys make their mothers beautiful and girls do the opposite. This is so true in my case. Horrible acne and extra oily - especially along the chin line.
  • This one is random but my bottom right saliva gland dries up all the time. I can never seem to hydrate it enough with my own saliva or water.
  • Leg cramps. Not as often as others seem to have them but I feel like they are always threatening to spasm at any given second.
  • Bad taste in my mouth. All the time. Even after I eat something delicious, I cannot get a bad taste out of my mouth. Nothing seems to help this and I can't wait to eat food normally again.
  • Puffy, sore feet. This is one hot (and beautiful) summer we are having so I am swollen everywhere but especially my feet. If they were hairy they would look like hobbit feet at the end of the day. I wear dress pants every day to work (yes - the same pair from Monday to Thursday and then jeans on Friday ... maternity clothes are expensive!) so that no one has to look at my ankles or feet. They gross me out even!
What pregnancy side effects did you experience?

And this just makes me smile :)

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  1. I can feel some of your pain J. I was very fortunate to not experience "morning" sickness except for one day (the day I thought ... hey, I think I'm pregnant because I was throwing up randomly and feeling fine otherwise). The exhaustion was insane! I never knew I could be THAT tired. And, the breathing ... I had that too. Walking 2 feet made me feel like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. And, I was exercising regularly, teaching PE daily, so I couldn't believe how HARD it all was!My skin thankfully cleared up, which is a change for me because my skin is not great on the best of days pre-pregnancy. The aches in my legs and feet were insane at the end of the day. Being on my feet all day at work didn't help, but what could I do. I tried to sit down as much as I could, but how much sitting down teaching can a PE teacher do? hahaha! Thinking of you mommma!


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