Thursday, May 5, 2011

what i know for sure

I have been thinking a lot lately about what I know for sure (yeppers - sure am stealing that phrase from Ms. O) - not really sure why but things keep popping into my head here, there and everywhere so I thought I would write them down here so I don't lose sleep over this list. These are things that I have learned, that I did and served me well, that I wish I could go back and tell my younger self and that I will one day share with my children.

What do you know for sure?
  1. Start going to the gym regularly when you are in high school or before you turn 20. Make this a healthy habit and not an obsession - just something you do as part of your regular schedule.
  2. You cannot change or control another human being. Period.
  3. Don't ever die your hair. Just embrace your natural colours that make you, YOU. Go with it - not dying your hair will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in the long run!
  4. I know it is hard to resist during puberty, etc. but don't seriously date someone until you are in your early 20's. Really - there is no point to this.
  5. Do not cry over a guy - he is not worth it. Have fun with your girlfriends and the right guy will find you. Always.
  6. Love yourself through and through.
  7. "This too shall pass" --- make this your mantra because it always passes - the good, the bad and the ugly.
  8. Start saving your money early on. Break it down into "To Spend", "To Save" and "To Give".
  9. Trust the universe and your inner voice. You are always right whether or not you want to believe it at the time.
  10. You truly do get what you give - not usually in the exact same type of transaction but karma watches all.
  11. Graduating high school is a MUST. Post-secondary education or training is a MUST.
  12. The minute you get your first job, get life, long term disability and critical illness insurance. This will save you money down the road - guaranteed.
  13. Do not drink more than a glass or two of wine or champagne at your wedding. (shoulda, woulda, coulda but didn't).
  14. Practice safe sex at all times and make sure you are protected multiple ways. No one wants to see your face on MTV's Teen Mom.
  15. There is a reason why the term "beer goggles" exists - drinking impairs your judgement! Do not drive, have sex or do anything else you wouldn't normally do while intoxicated. 
  16. Do not spend money you do not have. If you want something - save for it.
  17. Breathe and find ways to calm and center yourself on a regular basis whether through yoga, breathing exercises, hot baths, reading, napping, etc. - whatever your thing is, do it and do it often.
  18. Never go to bed with your make-up on or your contacts in.
  19. Do not try smoking. There is nothing cool, sexy, hot, appealing or healthy about it. It is a horrible and disgusting habit and anyone who tells you differently is lying.
  20. Momma Dix was right - you ARE guilty by association. Choose your friends (and enemies) wisely.
  21. Always tell the truth - it feels way better than lying. Every time.
  22. When in doubt, put yourself in the other person's shoes. If you would be hurt, upset or angry in the reverse situation do not do it (whatever "it" is) ever.
  23. Only surround yourself with positive people who raise you up and do not bring you down (working on this one).
  24. Be polite. People like polite people.
  25. Don't invest in cable and only watch TV sparingly. Do you know how many hours are wasted lounging on a couch when they could be spent living?
  26. What is your passion? What are you really good at? Combine these and make them your career - you will be much happier in the long run if you are able to make this work.
  27. Eat slow, eat sitting down at all times and eat mindfully.
  28. I haven't experienced it yet but I am pretty sure there is a reason behind the saying "it takes a village to raise a child". Don't ever forget that or underestimate it.
  29. Don't ever let your ego get involved. So easy to do and when you do, it is never a good situation.
  30. If you have any doubt, there is a reason. Trust your heart and wait for YOUR Prince Charming - he will come. Do not settle but realize that we are all humans and we all have our own fair share of faults and differences.
  31. Do not be a martyr (one who makes a great show of suffering in order to around sympathy). I am learning more and more every day from certain individuals in my life - no one likes a martyr.

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