Tuesday, May 10, 2011

last night

Chad and I finished the second season of Weeds last night and we both cannot wait for season three to be available at the library for pick-up. Such a cliff-hanger last episode! Hate that Peter guy! Then Chad went upstairs to finish watching the Canucks game (hello round 3 baby) and I finally watched "Lars and the Real Girl" (another library rental). Oh my this movie was crazy. It stars Ryan Gosling so that was really the only thing that drew me to it but it goes from wacky to weird to cute to weird again. Lars is an emotionally stunted 27 year old man who's mother died while giving birth to him. He is shy and has some issues with touching people, etc. so he orders a "love doll" to be his girlfriend. Because Lars is such an adorable character, the whole town rallies around him and his new "girlfriend" until Lars decides it is time for their relationship to end. I only sat through the whole movie to see the ending and it ended exactly the way I thought it would - with Lars getting the "real girl". Interesting concept and his brother and sister-in-law are AMAZING actors but other than that - not much of a winner for Ryan.

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