Friday, April 1, 2011

a retirement party

Last night Chad and I went to a retirement party for a co-worker of his at his company. It was at the Bavaria Restaurant in Abbotsford - good food, good wine and great company. We had a blast and they did such a good job putting together the surprise ... his retirement gift is a Mediterranean Cruise for him and his wife. Chad's company is amazing - great parties, social events, profit sharing, matching programs, charity programs ... it all adds up when you have to go to a job 8 hours a day regardless! All in all - it was a wonderful way to spend a Thursday evening.

The man of the hour! What a great idea for a going away card!

Chad and Carlin


Chad and I

On his way to retirement!

Presenting part of the surprise gifts!

No - Chad is not getting ready to beat me - this is actually part of the party fun!

And then we went home and started in on Arrested Development Season 3. Man I love the library these days!

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