Monday, April 11, 2011

monday afternoon update

Thursday ... Hair appointment with Sandra in Abbotsford then home to catch up with Chad and watch the end of Alice in Wonderland. LOVE my hair appointments with Sandra - get to catch up with a girlfriend and get a scalp massage while I am at it. Bliss!

Friday ... Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart ... yes - we are THAT Friday night couple :) Then off to have some Pho for dinner - I had the yummiest seafood soup - I usually hate it when I try something other than wonton soup but this time I was a happy customer! Then home to watch the last episode of Arrested Development and off to bed early.

Not my actual soup but it pretty much looked like this! Photo courtesy of tfc quickmeal

Saturday ... Up early to head to the States with Tara to do some shopping and have an authentic Mexican lunch. Then home for a nap and to do some work in my craft room. Chad worked all day long outside in the garden so he was exhausted. I went out and picked up some sushi and rented "TRON: Legacy" so he was a happy boy for the rest of the night!

Sunday ... Up early to clean but Chad had a change of plans for me (still more sanding to happen this week so no point in cleaning up the mess now) so I just puttered and then we went and did some shopping at Costco and Superstore and then off to Chad's parent's for a visit and the twins were there! Bonus! Then home to rest and have some pasta for dinner and watch "The Heartbreak Kid" before crashing. Another weekend come and gone!

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