Saturday, September 7, 2013

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Since my husband and I moved in our first home 3 years ago, we have never subscribed to cable. We do have Netflix and it is definitely worth the $8 a month. We don't want to get into the habit of wasting time on TV and I love waiting for new arrivals from the library and going to pick them up. There is something so ... community about it all. There are a few series that we purchase (Sons of Anarchy is by far my favourite) and we are always a season behind everyone else but it is worth the wait for us.

We just finished watching the 5th season of True Blood. I love this show because it makes me laugh. And I could watch Jason Stackhouse. All. Day. Long. Plus, my husband and I have this weird obsession with all things - well, for lack of a better term - death related. And vampires, shifters and wearwolves just seem to fit the bill! Do you watch True Blood? Is it just me or is Bill Compton getting just a bit more than ridiculous? 

And last night we watched the 1st episode of the 7th season of Dexter. OMG. If we watch the 2nd episode tonight and the last scene of the 1st episode was all a dream, I am going to be super annoyed. If it wasn't a dream, this is gearing up to the best season ever! 

What's your favourite TV series?

We are also watching (randomly) on Netflix:

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