Saturday, September 14, 2013

34 weeks

And ... we are in the home stretch! 6 more weeks to go and even though I am scared s*&%less of being a mom, I am super, duper excited to meet our baby girl and have my body back. 

  • Feeling ... HUGE. Seriously. Every day I say, "I cannot believe I am going to get bigger." And yet, I continue to grow. Grateful for a healthy baby to date but wanting to throw up every time I bend over is getting pretty old, pretty fast.
  • Eating ... Whatever the hell I want :)
  • Wanting ... To have the nursery ready, my hospital bag packed and all my "stuff" in order before baby girl decides to start her process of coming into this world. I am a planner by nature so if I feel prepared, I will be able to handle things emotionally much better. I know me.
  • Moving ... Baby girl does not stop moving. Super happy about that fact but sometimes, I think we could both use a few moments of calm :) Hiccups are in full effect on a regular basis. Pretty sure she likes apples because she tends to do somersaults when I eat an apple but then gets the hiccups. Quite funny to follow these patterns as they progress.
  • Sleeping ... Fairly well but feeling super drained. All the time. And if I ever say that I am tired, someone will undoubtedly say, "Just you wait!" ANNOYING! I get it, I won't sleep much when I'm a mom but right now, today, in this moment, I am tired and that is the only moment I have. So let me just be here for now. 
That's where I am at today but if I have learned anything from this pregnancy process, tomorrow could bring an entirely new set of feelings, wants and needs. Enjoying the journey but ready for the next part of this adventure to begin!

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