Friday, September 6, 2013

hello september!

Wow. September. Where did you come from? I did not see you coming but I am so happy you are here. Fall is mine and my husband's most favourite time of the year. We got married on September 25th so that we could have the fall colours as part of our decor. Everyone asks me if I have had a horribly hot pregnant summer and my reply is always, "Not really. I hate the humid weather but I would much rather be pregnant in the summer than give birth in the summer." Baby Girl is due at the end of October - the time of year where I feel the most focused, balanced and alive. Life is good during the fall. And this year will be extra special. There is so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to.

This September I plan to:

  • Enjoy my baby shower with all my favourite girlfriends.
  • Celebrate with my step-dad for his 66th birthday.
  • Finish organizing the nursery.
  • Complete our budget plan for when I go on maternity leave.
  • Learn how to use our new camera. We went with this one. Any tips on the best way to use this camera would be greatly appreciated.
  • Start my recipe/meal planning project for when I am off work.
  • Put together the last details in my work binder that I will leave behind for the ladies in the office.
Lots to do and not enough time but I plan to start working smarter and not harder - when I focus on what is really important, I am always amazed at what I can accomplish. Life is good people!

PS: Read this article recently and it really helped me put things in perspective. With the fall calendar already filling up quickly, take the time to read this and get focused: Filling the Time Jar {5 Steps that will Change Your Life}.

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