Thursday, August 25, 2011

it's been a while ...

I don't really have a good excuse for not blogging for a while except for the fact that I have been pretty obsessed with my iPhone the last few weeks ... how lame does that sound? Ha ha!

Life has been great in my neck of the woods - lots of "end of summer" family and friend get togethers, visits with both Grandma B and Grandma D, getting ready for the fall soccer season to start, tons of bike rides and tracking those rides on my iPhone (of course), lots of house renos including painting and window coverings (before and after photos will come one day - promise) and I am REALLY busy at work which I love and wouldn't want it any other way!

I recently finished "Choosing to See" by Mary Beth Chapman. A while back I saw a bunch of posts on Facebook back and forth from people I went to high school with saying that this was a must read book. After ordering the book from the library and digging into the foreword by Mary Beth's husband, I quickly realized and put two and two together that the group of people on Facebook were a very religious group and this book definitely supported that. I am 32 and in the process of figuring out my own belief system - I don't judge or feel one's choice in belief is any better than anyone else's but this book was VERY God centered. I did read the whole thing though and although at some points it was quite preachy, it had such a powerful core message - we can't control anything and it is how we deal with the situations that come our way that is important. An unbelievable true story that I don't wish on anyone - but if tragedy does hit, Mary Beth can help you endure!

I cannot wait for the next season of Dexter to be available at the library. The preview looks so good!

Heart does it again ... she always makes me smile!

I am currently listening to the audiobook of "The Paris Wife" - a fictional take on Earnest Hemingway's first marriage. Anyone who loves literary history and a good human interest story should definitely have a look at this love story!

I am about halfway through "Patriot Hearts" by John Furlong about this (and Vancouver's) road to the 2010 Olympics. Such a huge and amazing time for our city, province and country. This book chronicles the road to the 2010 Olympics - all the ups and downs and curves along the way. It is really bringing back to me the memories of the energy we had as a nation at that time. Can't wait to spend some time

Chad and I just finished watching Season 4 of Burn Notice but in between episodes, we managed to fit in a few movies. Nothing spectacular - actually really glad that all three were free library rentals!

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