Monday, August 8, 2011

currently ...

I am listening to this audiobook on my iPod and I am absolutely haunted by this mother and child's journey. I won't spoil it for anyone as it is a new release but it is a very unique take on an amazing kidnapping story. I am more than sure you will be hooked!

Chad and I only buy the DVD's of a few series (the others we rent from the library): Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and Burn Notice. I was so excited when our copy of "The Fall of Sam Axe" came in the mail because it was a special treat for Chad who is a huge Bruce Campbell fan. Unfortunately this 90 minute special failed to capture the humour that is Bruce Campbell and Burn Notice. Oh well - we had to get it for the collection anyways :)

I watched this documentary over the weekend while playing with my new phone. I wasn't really concentrating on it too much but some things really jumped out at me. If you are in to learning more about the economies ups and downs, and how the U.S. seems to keep screwing up the world's economy and not just their own - this is a must see!

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