Tuesday, August 2, 2011

bc day long weekend 2011

Friday ... We were super duper excited for the BC Long Weekend so we celebrated with Gas Station Sushi for dinner! Seriously - I have zero clue as to what the restaurant's name is but it is beside a gas station in Aldergrove and it is hands down the best sushi I have ever had. Then we went and visited Chad's parent's for a bit and home to start Season 4 of Dexter!

Saturday ... We were up and out early and headed across the line to do some shopping. Stayed down in the States for a couple of hours and then headed home so I could have a shower and freshen up because we were heading to Peyton's 3rd Birthday Party! We had a great time - and so did P-Man :) Best part of the day? When he came up to Chad and shook his hand to thank him for our gift. Priceless. Party photos to come!

We couldn't stay too late at the shindig because we had to go pick up Lexxus so it was off to Chad's parent's house where we had a pleasant surprise - Cory and Stacey were home early from their camping trip so we got to spend some time with the twins! After failing to get our poop together and making dinner plans, we headed home to relax - long day but so much fun!

Sunday ... I wasn't feeling too hot Sunday. Went to bed Saturday night early with a killer headache and woke up with an even worse one. Stayed in bed until 10:30 am which is unheard of for me these days! Played on the computer for a bit and finished this book which was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I love stories about people's lives that intertwine. This one did not disappoint!

Then I started this book and I am only at the very beginning and am laughing my ass off so I can't wait to get into it more!

In the afternoon, my girlfriend Christie from Calgary stopped by for a visit. She was home visiting her family for a few days and I was so glad we could spend a few hours together catching up! I gave her a tour of our house and showed her our wedding album. Then we just gabbed in the back yard. After she left, Chad and I headed back to his parent's house to drop off a trailer that Chad had borrowed the day before. Surprise, surprise, we were just in time for dinner! While Elaine was fixing up a yummy meal, Chad and I went for a quick visit to his brother's house where I got to spend some time with the twins again. Heave for me :) Love those little guys! After dinner we went home and watched some more Dexter.

Monday ... Yesterday was a VERY productive day. Yay - love those! Chad's dad came over to help him lay the first part of concrete for the expanded backyard patio. I made them a huge breakfast to get their energy levels up and then ... left them to it! :) I finished off my "must-put-all-my-photos-on-discs-to-one-day-make-into-photo-books" project which made me very happy as this has been an on-going project for a while now. While doing this I watched the latest episode of Big Brother. Danielle putting Rachel and Brendan up on the block MADE. MY. DAY. After that I ran to the grocery store because Chad's parent's were coming for dinner. Then home to work in the back yard. I prepped three fence panels for painting. Not the best job but always satisfying when it is over :) Then we had an amazing dinner - halibut with this sauce on it. You MUST try this if you like a good sweet and spicy combo! We picked this up at Costco in the States.

After dinner we relaxed with double churned Neapolitan ice cream and watched this classic! What a great long weekend!

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