Wednesday, November 2, 2011

right now

Keeping close to home today. Sick again with a cold and ear infection. Hopefully I will be better for this year's holiday season if I get all the sickies out of the way now!

 on left-over Halloween mini chocolate bars. Each cold and flu seems to come with a different food craving and this one definitely wants to be fed sweet things. Weird.

 on Mountain Dew. I believe in fluids, fluids and more fluids when I'm sick but right now this is the closest thing we have in the house to Ginger Ale.

 all of the things I have to do at work but that just makes me even more tired and I just want to crawl back in to bed.

oping that I feel 100% better tomorrow.

 that I was feeling 100% better right now.

 for this stupid cold to go away! :)

 that it hurts to even type this.

 forward to the weekend but more importantly to the next few long weekends and Christmas holidays.

 all of the successful events I have organized over the last little while.

 for Christmas gifts. I feel like I am already behind! 

 we have the money to buy gifts for everyone under the sun.

 a break from life today. And maybe tomorrow.

 The Girl Who Played with Fire.

 to new episodes of Sarah's House on HGTV. Man she is a snob but I do enjoy it. Twisted - I know.

 for my career, home, family, Lexxus, friends and always ... and most of all ... Chad.

Thanks for the template and inspiration Narrating Life! LOVE your blog!

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