Friday, October 21, 2011

This weekend is going to be a whirl-wind of activity and craziness. Tomorrow is my major awards event for work so that will keep me busy all day long setting up, getting ready and getting through the evening! Love the planning but sure do love the day after a successful event the most of all :)

Sunday I have a 10 am soccer game and then going to go to Burnaby to visit my Grandma and Aunt Janice who is here from California. Love all the activity but am really needing to schedule in some down time soon. I have another event next Wednesday, one on the 2nd and then our local Municipal All Candidates meetings to get through and then it is time to focus on our new database/website at work. Lots coming down the pipe to keep me busy until the New Year - that is for sure!

Just finished listening to this audiobook and I LOVED IT! Such an easy listen and I love getting into the holiday spirit early but this wasn't really about Christmas. It was about being a good human being, hard work and gratitude. I got to know both of the families in the story really well throughout the chapters and at the end, I just didn't want it to end ... I wanted to go and spend my Christmas with them!

Who doesn't love a little Bradly Cooper in their life? Picked this up at the library last week and although it wasn't the best movie I have seen lately, it definitely held my attention (and kept me awake). What if there was a pill that you could take that would allow you to use 100% of your brain function? Watch this movie and you will find out! Honestly though - I don't think this movie is out of touch with reality. I truly think this already exists and would explain a lot about certain public figures in today's society.

And last but not least - just finished this audiobook too. I don't recommend it at all but every girl needs a little bit of predictable chick lit every now and then ;)

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