Thursday, October 13, 2011

feeling good

Not feeling great but so feeling better than I have been! I have been sick, tired, depressed, anxious and overwhelmed for a while now and it finally kicked my butt on Monday and Tuesday. Was back in to work yesterday and today we have an event which always gets my heart pumping. What can I say? I was born to plan! :)

Just finished reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" last night and can't wait to start the second book tonight. Everyone says this book starts out slow but it is a really good read with lots of twists and turns ... once you figure out who's who, it gets good so don't stop - keep reading! Looking forward to the movie coming out. I saw a preview and am not too impressed with the actor selections but will have to wait and see what they do on the big screen.

Found this on Pinterest the other day and I apologize for not noting who it is from but it had to be shared. So, SO true! As always I am thankful and grateful for (in no particular order) - my Chuddy, my friends, my family (especially having three grandmothers alive and well between Chad and I), my job/career, my overall health, Lexxus and our home.

I picked up a bunch of older DVDs at the library that Chad and I have been motoring through (like Chaos Theory, Get Smart, etc. - a lot of dumb ones that make me smile) but Source Code finally was available for me to pick up. Oh Jake - how I love thee but how I did not love this movie. It was okay but I am usually pretty clever when it comes to these things ... was it three layers of reality working when you really thought it was two? If that is the answer - don't tell me because it won't make me like the movie any more or any less. It had Jake in it so I am okay with that :)

I had to miss soccer practice last night because I just didn't have the energy but today the sun is shining and I am craving some exercise. Will have to wait though - gotta get back to the grind and get ready for our event. Just another day in paradise and living the dream :)

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