Monday, July 11, 2011

another weekend has come and gone

Friday ... Pasta Polo for dinner and then home to watch this cute and fun movie:

Saturday ... Drive down to the States to do some grocery shopping. Home for lunch and a nap and then off to meet Alan and Jeanette for dinner at Earls in Guildford. Got a horrible text just after 5 pm from Katy saying that Andrew lost his battle with cancer. Glad to be with good friends right at that time. Home to relax and remember.

Sunday ... Mom and I went into visit Grandma B. We had a great chat with her and she was in great spirits. Then we went out for sushi for lunch and I went home for another nap (an exhausting, emotional weekend to say the least). Then up to do some puttering and cleaning and out to Home Depot to get a rose bush for the Vaydo family. Over to Leah's for hugs and sharing and then home for Dexter and a very welcomed bedtime!

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